It's half an hour early, but the lights are already on. As she walks into the building and down the hall, she can hear faint punk rock music accompanied by louder off-key singing.

Nora has a brief vivid flashback to the last meeting, Robert standing up excitedly and the chorus of "SIT DOWN ROBERT!" that followed. She had supported Robert, a decision she'd regretted almost immediately, but then Robert had behaved; made flyers, said "I used to drive a cab, you know?" so she thought maybe, just maybe there'd be a chance at everything going well.

No such luck.

She steps into the room just as Robert is going into a particularly sharp note that makes her ears ring.

"Robert." She greets flatly.

Robert is covered in various shades of green and brown paint, which would be alarming on its own, but one of the nice white booths they're supposed to assemble later in the plaza is also painted. Even more alarming, is the manic red-bull induced look in Robert's eyes that Nora has learned to fear.

"How is that transportation?" She asks, hands on her hips.

Robert holds out the nice printed sign reading 'Transportation' in nice, printed bold letters. She's relieved up until he flips it over, on the other side Robert has written in what can only be described as the script of a six year old, "COBASPIRACIES."

Throughout the years she's convinced herself that when she smiles at Robert, it is as a defense mechanism. It's not that she really thinks it's funny, it's more that sometimes that's the only reaction to have.

"You realize no one is going to be happy with you."

Robert grins his redbull-fueled grin and Nora decides to get him a glass of water. The last thing they need is for the COBASPIRACIES psychopath to collapse in front of all the new people.